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Thinking ahead of machining.

Part of your
supply chain management.

The machining of sophisticated components is at the centre of our services for you. We do know, however, that you need more in a networked industry and in consideration of Industry 4.0. It is for this reason that we expanded the range of solutions for you, building around our core competence. So everything – from machining to service up to quality control – is available to you from a single source. With these integrated services, we will be a relief to you and create new free space for your business.

Large part machining
at the highest

The high-precision machining of large parts not only requires large machines, but also qualified specialists. We have been steadily expanding our knowledge within our team for more than 40 years. We will contribute this know-how to your project – for your competitive edge when it comes to technology, quality and economics.

All services, one partner.


We provide the possibility for rotationally symmetric precision parts with a diameter of up to 8,200 mm and a turning height of 5,300 mm.


We master the entire range of drilling procedures and geometries within the most narrow guaranteed tolerances.


From cast steel and iron to non-ferrous metals to high-strength steels – we will mill your large components with the highest precision from your desired material.

12,000 m2 production space with intelligent machines.

We have designed our manufacturing sites in a process-optimized manner. What that means for your work pieces? Short distances, accelerated manufacturing, high cost efficiency and on-time delivery. Digitalized processing machines will be used, uniting both ideal machining and the highest precision.

CNC boring and
milling machines.

  • Traverse paths: X = 15,000 mm, Y = 6,000 mm
  • Work piece weight: up to 150 tonnes
  • Up to 9 controlled CNC axles
  • Fully equipped with various angular milling heads as well as facing and boring heads etc.
  • Digital tool measurement

CNC vertical
turning machines.

  • Turning diameter: 8,200 mm
  • Turning height: 5,300 mm
  • Work piece weight: up to 150 tonnes
  • Controlled C axle for boring and milling operations
  • Angular milling heads
  • Digital tool measurement



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